Forum Title: Maximum Span On Interior Cedar Siding
I am installing some 1x6 tongue and groove cedar siding inside of a concrete above ground storm shelter. The shelter measures about 6.5' x 10' and has a low ceiling. I have framed up walls with 2x4's and 16 spacing to attach the siding to but I am a bit stumped on the ceiling. When the concrete guys poured the ceiling their forms were not strong enough and sagged a bit. The sagging is mostly in the middle but not exactly uniform. Maybe 1 variation in places across the ceiling. Since the ceiling is low already I do not want to take up any more height than necessary. My thoughts were to run two 2x4's flat in the 10' direction on the ceiling in the corners. This would give me 1.5 clearance and the cedar boards attached to them would clear any sags in the concrete. The problem with this idea is that the span on the cedar boards would be about 6-6.5'. When you just look at it the boards don't sag over this distance but I wonder if they would over time. I would hate to put it up and then a few years down the road find out they have sagged. Would this work or any other ideas? The sag of the concrete is not uniform so it is not like I could put the 1.5 2x4's on the edges and a 1 board in the middle as it is wavy.
Category: General Contractor Post By: PEARL SCHWARTZ (Pittsburg, CA), 02/02/2018

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